Hi, I managed to install my Canon MG3550 on my Chromebook using the Linux container. My Canon was already working fine on Linux so I knew it should be possible. I installed the Canon drivers in the Linux container and then download drivers installed the printer through the CUPS interface of a browser on the Linux container side and it worked. Then I shared the printer on the network and found it on the Chromebook printing side. The only catch is that you need to launch the Linux container every time you want to print something, but it’s not that a big deal. The funniest thing is that the scanner is recognized out of the box by the Chromebook’s scanning app without the use of the Linux container. It should be working with any type of printer working on Linux.

  • The Rollo printer is $170 new, but it looks like plug & play from what I can tell.
  • If you’ve accidentally deleted your printer, you can reinstall it by following the steps outlined below.
  • If the error persists, another solution is to edit the registry value.
  • Printing to file saves the printout so that you can copy it to your printer.

Our driver releases often come with game optimizations to improve performance around the time a game gets released, so you’re able to take advantage of the gains immediately. Updating motherboard is important for several reasons. Outdated drivers can cause crashes, freezes, and other stability issues. Additionally, new updates often include support for the latest hardware and software.

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As this is supposed to work on Chromebooks, I would ideally like to stay with it. The printer is up to date on firmware as is the new Chromebook., so any ideas are more than welcome. Just want to leave a comment of my journey of trying to print from my two Chromebooks (Lenovo Flex 5i and Toshiba Chromebook 2; one new and one very old) to my Samsung M2020W printer.

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This will probably be the last test on The Division 1. Perceived smoothness during gameplay is also the same as before. I think it’s pretty safe to upgrade to this release for anyone already using the 4xx driver branch, . Testing the latest FarCry 5 version with the new drivers doesn’t show any improvement at all. In fact, all numbers are on a downward trend, even if by a very narrow margin. For people owning a Pascal card and still on the current Windows 10 v1809 , I still believe the 425 release is smoother overall. Unless you need one of the bug fixes or own one of the new G-Sync compatible monitors.

Printing in applications is a time-consuming and inconvenient process. Printing to file saves the printout so that you can copy it to your printer. If you’d like to copy the printout to another device, you can use a different printer. To print to file is a great way to save your work without facing the hassle of opening the document in the application. But printing from an application is often time consuming and inconvenient.